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We provide cutting-edge custom IoT development services, delivering highly-efficient and scalable software to our clients

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Our Suite of IOT (Internet of things)
Development Services

Brad experts are well-equipped to manage projects of any complexity and offer tailored solutions, whether initiating a new venture or contributing to an existing one. Our Internet of Things (IoT) development services encompass various key areas, including custom software development, platform integration, and technical consulting

Custom IoT software development

Brad Experts specialize in developing custom software for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Our team of seasoned professionals has extensive experience creating bespoke solutions for clients across various industries, regardless of the project's level of complexity. From initial concept to final implementation, we work closely with our clients to ensure that our IoT solutions meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations

IoT analytics

At Brad Technology, Our proficient specialists develop intelligent analytics tools that efficiently collect and organize vast quantities of data from diverse digital devices. We then generate insightful information that enables you to make informed decisions based on actionable intelligence. Our IoT analytics solutions provide a competitive edge for businesses by improving operational efficiency and unlocking new opportunities for growth

Embedded IoT software development

Brad’s highly skilled software engineers leverage cutting-edge embedded devices to facilitate seamless connectivity via the cloud and internet using diverse communication channels. We develop bespoke IoT software solutions that enable real-time data processing, providing valuable insights and actionable intelligence to enhance business operations. Our embedded IoT software solutions are designed to improve system efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity, providing a competitive advantage for our clients in today's fast-paced digital landscape

IoT web app development

At Brad Technology, our adept specialists develop innovative web applications that leverage cutting-edge technology to connect remote and geographically dispersed devices, such as sensors, enabling users to manage them directly from their web browsers. We create bespoke IoT web apps that provide intuitive interfaces, robust functionality, and seamless integration with a range of devices, making them an essential tool for businesses seeking to optimize their operations in today's interconnected world

IoT mobile app development

Our team at Brad Experts specializes in creating comprehensive mobile solutions that enable direct interaction with physical objects in connected networks. Our mobile apps are designed to help clients transform their mobile devices into versatile remote controls that can manage multiple interconnected systems with ease. Our IoT mobile apps provide an intuitive interface, seamless integration with a range of devices, and enhance user experience, making them an essential tool for businesses seeking to optimize their operations in today's interconnected world

IoT dashboards development

Our experts create custom dashboards that address specific industrial issues, such as a lack of centralized sensor management, and improve automation. Our dashboards are tailored to meet the unique needs of niche professionals, providing them with actionable insights to improve their business operations. Our IoT dashboard solutions provide real-time data visualization, customized reporting, and actionable insights, enabling our clients to make informed decisions based on accurate information

IoT firmware development

We use advanced firmware development techniques to ensure efficient operations, set up drivers, and maintain secure connectivity and communication between devices and the cloud. Our goal is to provide our clients with highly optimized firmware that improves device performance and ensures reliable connectivity. Our IoT firmware solutions support a range of devices and provide seamless integration with a variety of networks, making them an essential tool for businesses seeking to leverage IoT technology to optimize their operations.

IoT hardware solutions

Our team at Brad Experts has extensive experience in both software and hardware development. We work directly with sensors and are involved in microcontroller programming, enabling us to provide custom hardware solutions that meet our clients' unique needs. Our IoT hardware solutions provide seamless integration with software, ensuring reliable connectivity and efficient operations, providing our clients with a competitive edge in the digital marketplace

IoT app management and support

We provide comprehensive IoT app management and support services, including setting up, monitoring, and maintaining connected devices within a network, ensuring seamless performance, and resolving any issues that may arise. Our IoT app management and support solutions provide our clients with peace of mind, enabling them to focus on their core business operations while we take care of their IoT needs.

Our IoT software development expertise

At Brad Technology, we have a demonstrated history of fostering innovation for businesses. Our team of experts provides comprehensive consultation on all aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT) for companies that have physical interactions with sensors or devices, offering advanced automation solutions

IoT and big data

The Internet of Things collects data from physical data through sensors, while Big Data manages the storage and processing of this information with speed and efficiency. The combination of these technologies powers predictive analytics solutions that can help businesses make informed decisions based on real-time data

IoT and Machine learning

By integrating connected devices with machine learning, businesses can make faster and more precise decisions based on analyzed data. This technology is highly useful for diagnostic purposes, as it provides a comprehensive perspective on data that can inform decision-making.

IoT and Blockchain

The Internet of Things enables connected devices to send data to the blockchain, creating non-rewritable and tamper-resistant records. Brad Experts uses these technologies together to ensure safe machine-to-machine transactions and secure data sharing

IoT and Metaverse

Our experts integrate sensors into VR headsets to monitor users' eye reactions to the displayed content. We also leverage connected device technology in virtual reality environments to deliver the ultimate immersive experience for end users

IoT and Cybersecurity

At Brad Technology, we prioritize the protection of interconnected devices from digital threats. We configure powerful security software that safeguards firmware, hardware, networks, and applications from digital scams, ensuring the safety and security of our clients' data

IoT and Data Visualization

Our experts use techniques to turn raw data from various data streams into insightful visualizations, enabling clients to gain a deeper understanding of their data. These visualizations serve as templates for informed decision-making, providing valuable insights into business operations

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