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Our Suite of Custom Software
Development Services

We’re India’s fastest-growing custom software development company, we provide a wide range of software development services tailored to your unique and advance business needs

Software Consulting Services

As a custom software company, we analysis your business needs conceive software, and assist you in getting the most out of its development. Before beginning the project, our experts also supports you in picking the suitable technological stack by examining the advantages and disadvantage of various technologies.

Custom Software Development Services

Custom software development assists you in achieving the necessary business competency in today's very turbulent and competitive market scenario. BRAD TECHNOLOGY is a custom software development company that provides you with precisely the software you want for your business.

Enterprise Software Development Services

We assist enterprises in achieving long-term success by re-engineering enterprise software development solutions of varying complexity levels. We help your company infrastructure by providing scalable software that enhances essential aspects of your operation.

Software Product Development Services

We’re a full-cycle software product development company that provides end-to-end product development services to your business, beginning with market research and business analysis and continuing with development, deployment, and post-launch support.

Software Integration Services

When a business adopts a new technology, it may encounter issues with its existing applications. To manage all of your implementation and software integration difficulties, including architectural design, testing, and execution, our custom software developers use industry-leading approaches.

Custom CRM Development Services

BRAD TECHNOLOGY offers custom CRM software development services aimed at automating your company processes, boosting customer connections, and increasing the efficiency of corporate operations.

API Development Services

Our custom software engineers provide comprehensive API creation and API integration services for your software applications, allowing them to communicate easily with your customers and vendor partners and produce higher profits.

Our Industry Based Softwares Capabilities

Our experienced software development team is available around the globe to assist you in developing unique technological solutions tailored to your industry and company.

EduTech software development

Our skilled custom software developers meet the technological demands of the EduTech business by providing cutting-edge software solutions that modify your core environment to simplify online lessons.

Healthcare management software development

With over a decade of industry expertise, we provide top-tier custom healthcare software development services to design apps for physicians, patients, technicians, nurses, and others.

Retail software development

We use revolutionary retail technology to help you create consistent and customer-centric shopping experiences. We handle all of your retail software requirements, whether it's retail banking software, inventory management software, or any other retail software.

Fitech software development

We assist you in managing and organizing all areas of electronic data transmission with our cutting-edge custom telecom software development services. We collaborate with your company to digitize internal processes and improve software-driven financial services.

Insurance software development

With their proven knowledge, our custom software developers offer success-driven insurance automation to help your company build momentum and boost efficiency across marketing, sales, and service teams.

Why are We the Most Trusted Custom Software Development Company?

With almost a decade of industry experience, we have the competence to handle software development projects of varying complexity levels, making BRAD TECHNOLOGY the best choice for your company requirements.

Quality product

At BRAD TECHNOLOGY, we start by creating an MVP to assess the effectiveness of your product. Based on the initial comments, we continue to improve the product until it is precisely what you wanted.

Quick development

With its extensive skills and diversified experience, our team optimizes all processes and implements the finest agile principles, resulting in a 50% decrease in custom software application development time.

Latest technology stack

From system design through frontend and backend development and post-delivery maintenance, we cover the whole spectrum of technologies and programming languages that you may need for your project.

Complete transparency

Mutual trust and honesty, we think, are essential for good business partnerships. We consistently keep our customers informed about the progress of their projects and offer a comprehensive picture of every technical choice.

Custom Software Development Process

In the software development space, there is no 'one size that fits all' approach. We adopt a software development
process that makes your product as unique as your idea.


Product-market fit analysis


Product discovery workshop


Software design system


Custom software development


Software testing


Software deployment


Software maintenance

Software Development Methodologies We Use

At BRAD TECHNOLOGY, we use several software development approaches based on your company's demands to simplify everyday activities and speed up the development process.
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DevOps is a collaborative method to improving work across the software development lifecycle. Our specialists at BRAD TECHNOLOGY use industry-leading DevOps principles to assist your company reach the necessary transparency and real-time decision making for all ongoing developments.


The agile technique aids project management by dividing it into stages. It necessitates ongoing cooperation and development at all stages. At BRAD TECHNOLOGY, our staff is well-versed in the latest agile software development processes to assure a high-quality product provided in a timely manner.


Scrum is a technique for agile development that is built on iterative procedures. It is an agile framework that is rapid, versatile, and adaptive, delivering value to your project throughout software development. It provides communication transparency, common ownership, and collective progress for your project.