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Brad Experts leverages our 9-years legacy in software engineering to furnish corporations with exceptional bespoke solutions and services. Our all-inclusive portfolio spans from audits and penetration testing to implementing cutting-edge cybersecurity measures, meticulously crafted to fortify your project and avert malevolent entities from procuring your invaluable data

Security testing

As part of our software engineering process, Brad Experts conducts rigorous security testing to detect any potential vulnerabilities within the software. Our team of specialists conducts simulations of malicious activity to observe how the application responds, and then provides our clients with detailed recommendations on how to rectify any vulnerable areas. This enables us to ensure that our clients' software remains robust and secure, safeguarding them against any potential threats

Security assessment

Our team of specialists conducts a thorough analysis of the current security operations management practices within the project, including an evaluation of the technical means such as software and hardware that support those operations. Following this assessment, we provide our clients with detailed reports and recommendations, enabling them to make informed decisions about the best course of action to further enhance their cybersecurity measures

Compliance assessment

Brad experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of all implemented benchmarks and processes to ensure compliance with regulatory prerequisites, including third-party standards and legal requirements. We evaluate how these benchmarks and processes correspond to the regulatory prerequisites and provide our clients with recommendations on how to qualify for specific certifications. Our goal is to ensure that our clients' cybersecurity measures meet all necessary requirements and that they are well-equipped to protect their valuable data

Cloud security

Brad Experts hold the security of cloud-based applications in the same high regard as their non-cloud counterparts. In order to guarantee the safety of our projects against malicious activities and breaches, we employ a range of diverse protective measures at every stage of development

SIEM services

Our team of skilled engineers provides valuable support to enterprises in the implementation and administration of both information security and event management solutions. With our assistance, project teams are able to swiftly and effectively identify potential security threats, evaluate adherence to compliance standards, and efficiently manage incidents as they arise

Application security

We endeavour to conceptualize, implement, and examine the effectiveness of robust cybersecurity measures integrated into the solutions we architect. This begins with an exhaustive evaluation of the code and subsequent auditing, culminating in a rigorous and comprehensive black box application testing. The end result is a set of solution offerings that our esteemed clientele can launch with unwavering confidence, as they have been shown to exhibit unparalleled resilience against even the most insidious of cyber attacks

Risk management

The cybersecurity specialists at Brad Experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of each project to identify its vulnerabilities and associated risks, and subsequently determine the most effective approach to address them. Our team meticulously scrutinizes each project to identify every possible point of weakness, after which we offer our recommendations on the best course of action to prevent these issues from escalating into serious problems

Backup & disaster recovery

To prevent corruption or data loss, our cybersecurity engineers implement state-of-the-art procedures and software for creating data backups and restoring them when required. By doing so, we provide our clients with the assurance they need to focus on their core business activities, without the worry of losing any critical data

DevSecOps implementation

Our team of software engineers implements a holistic approach that incorporates development, security, and operations practices throughout each stage of the software development process. This meticulous approach ensures that the best possible solutions are implemented at each phase of development. The end result is a fully secured project that is ready for launch, and which offers businesses the highest level of protection against potential security breaches

Managed security services

As a leading software company, Brad Experts offers comprehensive managed security services to our clients. We follow best practices from the software, hardware, and procedural aspects of the project to ensure that our clients' infrastructure is fully protected from every angle. Our team of experts is fully committed to providing clients with exceptional project management services, and we strive to achieve the highest levels of security and protection at all times. With Brad Experts on your side, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands

Cybersecurity consulting

At Brad Experts, we understand that every client is unique and has different security and compliance needs. That's why we provide personalized consulting services tailored to the specific requirements of each client. Our team of experts draws on their extensive experience in the field to assess each client's security and compliance issues. Based on our assessment, we prepare customized proposals that take into consideration the client's capabilities and goals. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our solutions meet their specific needs and provide the highest levels of security and compliance

IT components our security services cover

Brad Experts, being one of the leading IT firms, has gained an immense amount of expertise in providing comprehensive security measures to various projects. Our security services cater to all the essential IT components, ranging from operational to software and hardware means of protection

Network Security

We provide customized firewall protection, network segmentation, email security, antivirus software, sandboxing tools, and more to safeguard all aspects of your business infrastructure

Web Application Security

Our team of experts conducts thorough static and dynamic security tests, penetration tests, runtime application self-protection tests, and load resistance tests to ensure the utmost security of your web applications

Mobile Application Security

Our engineers utilize industry-standard practices such as source code encryption, penetration testing, multi-factor authentication, and other techniques to protect both mobile software products and users from security breaches

On-Premises Data Centers & Data Storage Security

Our experts thoroughly analyze existing hardware and software components to design a custom security solution that ensures impeccable security for on-premises data storage facilities

Cloud Application Security

Our team develops custom security protocols and processes to protect cloud applications from data breaches and leaks while ensuring accessibility for all project participants

Corporate IT Infrastructure Security

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your entire IT infrastructure, including internal and external processes and tools, to determine the most effective security solution