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UI/UX design services

We craft alluring ergonomic UI/UX designs for web and mobile applications, employing the latest tools and technologies. We stay abreast of the times, exploring current 2D/3D design trends to empower our projects with the best approaches

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Our UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX team strives to deliver a distinctive and captivating product design, perfectly mirroring your brand personality, boosting brand awareness in the market, and driving best-in-class user experience

Web and mobile UI/UX design

We offer responsive web design, adaptive mobile design, and user-friendly interfaces to enhance user satisfaction.

App and website redesign

Revamp the design and interface of your outdated projects while keeping the backend intact, with our expert assistance.

UI/UX design audit

Through a meticulous UI/UX audit, we provide recommendations for design changes that align with your desired outcomes.

UI/UX design research

Our Brad Design Studio team conducts personalized research to address specific UI/UX queries within your web or mobile solution.

Design strategy development

We help clients grasp the significance of excellent design in business and devise operational strategies that add value to their brand through design

Design concept development

With our skilled team, benefit from top-notch wireframing and prototyping services. We collaborate with you to integrate user vision, your idea, and technology into a compelling strategy.

All design segments we work in

Brad Design Studio offers a complete spectrum of creative and design services, encompassing digital product design, branding, and User Experience Design

Web app design

Our website designs incorporate vital corporate identity elements to create a coherent user experience that reflects the brand's present state and future strategic aspirations. Additionally, our web apps adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices, providing flexibility in reaching users.

Mobile app design

Captivating end-users with the finest mobile experience, our UI/UX mobile app designs enhance user engagement. We meticulously adhere to UI/UX guidelines under platform standards, ensuring an optimal experience from color schemes to navigation and other design elements.

Graphic design

Based on best practices, modern graphic design trends, and our unique vision, our team develops creative concepts, appealing illustrations, and interactive mockups for digital projects. All designs align with client requirements and brand guidelines, enhancing existing brand assets and creating new ones.

User Experience design

Following a step-by-step approach based on user story mapping, our experience design ensures each interaction inspires users to continue their journey. This dynamic process allows for adaptability as customer needs evolve.

3D design and animation

Our 3D design experts craft characters, clothing, props, environments, game-ready models, and 3D-based corporate identity. Engaging animations are created to promote brands and interact with audiences in novel ways. Additionally, we assist clients with 3D product design, visualizing ideas before production.

Digital illustration design

Our distinctive and vibrant illustrations and animations enliven clients' unique stories. We adeptly transform complex data into easily understandable formats, capturing customers' attention more effectively.

Motion design

Our motion graphics services yield captivating visuals in storytelling videos and eye-catching animations for applications and websites. The versatility of motion graphics allows for diverse content creation, including sales, marketing, training, and animated storytelling.


Expert in brand identity development, we create logos, brand books, packaging, promotional materials, and visual designs for social networks, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand presence.

Information design

Through in-depth analysis of content and targeted audiences, we craft appealing dashboards, reports, infographics, charts, graphs, tables, and maps to enhance conversions and customer satisfaction

Design process

Our UI and UX design services encompass end-to-end product development for your inspiring ideas. As turnkey design experts, our in-house capabilities, including hardware, software, UI/UX, prototyping, and testing, guide you through the entire web or mobile design process, from idea to production, with progressive support at every stage.

UI/UX research and concept

We engage with you and stakeholders to grasp the app's vision and project goals. Our design team conducts extensive research on best practices, user behavior in your industry, and closest competitors to develop a goal-driven user experience. Clear goals are defined for both end-users and the business.

Wireframing and prototyping

With the design roadmap in place, we create wireframes for visualizing the application. These wireframes are transformed into interactive prototypes, impressing all involved in your project. This stage includes selecting the right colors, typography, and fonts for the most suitable layout.

Testing and validation

Identifying issues early and validating ideas during their creation is crucial. Our prototypes undergo usability tests, enabling iterative improvements. Rigorous testing before the delivery stage minimizes risks.

Visual design

The visual design phase focuses on web and mobile solutions. Applying insights from stakeholders, we explore ways to develop consistent and scalable interfaces. Decisions regarding the user interface's visual design are documented in the user interface style guide, which standardizes grid systems, layouts, color palettes, typography, iconography, logos, and images.

Development handover

In the final step, we implement and refine the design. While the detailed design process aims to gather all vital information, new details may arise during production. Bridging the gap between design and technical issues results in a better product, which is our ultimate goal.