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With expertise in IT strategy and 14+ years of software development experience, we accelerate enterprise growth through technology integration, driving revenue and optimizing workflows

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IT consulting services
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Harness the expertise and profound technical knowledge of Brad's specialists to formulate a comprehensive IT strategy. Our IT Consulting aids in automating and digitizing operations, refining your software portfolio, and embracing state-of-the-art technologies.

Enterprise architecture advisory

Our assistance drives business reorganization, providing a comprehensive and evolving enterprise architecture. This encompasses a full view of information, guidelines, and roadmap directions to enhance IT systems with seamless junction interoperability

Digital transformation consulting

We excel in aiding businesses with their digital transition initiatives. Our consultants carefully consider technology goals and budget while exploring the organization. After a thorough audit, we propose solutions and ensure smooth implementation

IT service management assessment

This service offers a clear vision of current ITSM status and guidance on modifying processes for future needs. Through a detailed assessment, we help businesses identify vital projects to upgrade their IT infrastructure

Business process and cost optimization

Our IT consultants analyze clients' operational costs, existing licensing contracts, and technology usage using expertise and tools. We search for opportunities to streamline workflows and rationalize costs.

Program and project management

Our talented program and project management teams rescue deviated projects and ensure the success of future ones. Guided by transparency and ultimate teamwork, we work closely with clients.

Software portfolio consulting

We deeply analyze how your business utilizes current enterprise software, including mobile strategy. Our consultants recommend necessary changes, new developments, and third-party solutions to bridge technology gaps.

IT strategy consulting

With years of experience in up-to-date technologies, we help your company embark on a path to growth and profit. Understanding your unique business needs, we develop a personalized strategy for success.

Technology implementation

Through proper planning, our proven implementation approach ensures trouble-free new technology adoption. We focus on setting clear expectations, selecting the right team, delivering proactive results, and enabling seamless communication throughout the project.

Dedicated IT and software consulting services

Software consulting

Undergo a comprehensive software stack and architecture assessment, code review to be provided with a sustainable plan to modernize these areas

IT audit

Seek assistance from our software audit consultants in your current IT infrastructure assessment to elaborate a robust optimization strategy

Cloud consulting

Harness the power of the cloud to cut operational costs, boost scalability, and deliver unparalleled performance with our comprehensive cloud consulting services

IT security consulting

Obtain an explicit cybersecurity strategy to empower your information security, risk management, and awareness programs.

DevOps consulting

Upgrade your software quality, automate processes and operations, so you have the flexibility to deploy your infrastructure and resources as needed.

IT infrastructure management

Benefit from a full range of enterprise IT infrastructure services to keep your IT infrastructure reliable

Remote work

Do business smarter by taking advantage of a remote workforce having anticipating all the risks related.

Design consulting

Hire our UI/UX design consultants to refine UX strategy, achieve responsiveness and authenticity of our current design, and provide an exceptional user experience

Industries we serve

For 15+ years, We closely worked with clients to overcome challenges and help implement robust industry-specific solutions. Regardless of the industry, our team of professionals offers end-to-end consulting services, competent advice, and continuous support.

Finance and banking

Online banking
Digital wallets
Stock exchange software
Trading platforms


Electronic health record systems (EHR)
Practice management software (PMS)
Remote patient monitoring
mHealth applications


Learning management systems (LMS)
Distance learning platforms
School management software

Transportation and logistics

Predictive inventory planning
Supply chain analysis tools
Route planning applications
Traffic prediction systems
Self-driving vehicles

Retail and eCommerce

eCommerce platforms
Digital auctions
Real-time chatbots
Sales analytics systems

Media and entertainment

Live streaming platforms
Virtual events platforms
Social networking applications
Personalized content delivery


ERP systems
Data processing software
IoT applications
Digital twins
Predictive maintenance